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How to implement ACL (Access control list) in CentOS / RHEL /Fedora by Babar Zahoor

ACL  is Access Control List Linux operating system supports ACL option &  if we want to implement ACL option we have to specify in witch partition we want to implement ACL  i.e. We want to implement ACL in this partition. First of all open fstab file “Be careful this is file system table file” root@localhost# vim…
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Files and Directory Permissions in Linux /*Nix / Unix Operating Systems

  In Unix / Linux / *Nix Operating Systems we have three types of permissions read = r write = w execute = x we can change permissions for three categories owner = u group = g others = o if we run ls -l we see -rw——- 1 root root 1648 Mar 13 13:47 anaconda-ks.cfg…
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