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How to install RPM package in Linux

Linux Install an RPM File RPM is nothing but a a package management system. To install an rpm file, open a terminal and then type the following command: rpm -ivh .rpm.file-name


when we implement the REDHAT based servers, when we dont have the proper license we will be facing a lot of issues for installing the softwares. So to overcome the issue we need to setup the LOCAL REPOSITORY server. this  will eliminate the installation issues.Below i have explained how to setup the repo server step-by-step. SETTING…
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Moving Files Between Linux Systems With SCP

This article is about how to move files between servers using the scp (secure copy) command. To show how it works, I will move files from my HDD to a virtual machine running on VirtualBox. There is Linux Mint 11 installed on both drives. This tutorial comes without warranty of any kind. I do not…
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Installing Alfresco 3.4.d On Fedora

This document describes how to install and setup Alfresco Content Server Community Edition by “Alfresco Software inc.” on a Fedora  based webserver from a WAR package on a Tomcat webserver with postgreSQL database as backend. For other distributions there might be minor changes as to the software prerequisites installation procedures. I took my time to…
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Urdu CBT Embracing Linux Fedora 001 Using Fedora 15 Live ISO Part 2/2

This CBT explains how you can use Fedora 15 Live CD to try the Fedora Linux environment. You can use the same to install the OS Author:Muhammad Kamran Azeem Courtesy:

Urdu CBT Embracing Linux Fedora 001 Understanding Licensing Part 1/2

This CBT explains various concepts related to Licenses. Author: Muhammad Kamran Azeem Courtesy:

Urdu CBT Embracing Linux Fedora 000 Linux History

This CBT explains the history of Linux Operating System. Author: Muhammad Kamran Azeem Courtesy:

HTop – CPU, Memory & Process Monitoring Utility in Linux by Qasim Mehmood

Htop is a text-mode, interactive process viewer for Linux run via console/ssh, and to install htop on Linux is a pretty simple task. Among other things, htop allows you the following: Quickly view key performance statistics such as CPU(multi-core layout), Memory and Swap usage Details. Scroll the process list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and complete…
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Virtual Box Machine Settings Urdu CBT by Babar Zahoor

Virtual Box Machine Settings Virtual Box Machine Settings Urdu CBT by Babar Zahoor (Source:

Bind DNS Server Configuration in Chrooted Environment by Babar Zahoor

Updated :08-01-2011 Purpose: Configuration of DNS (Bind) server in chroot environment. OS CentOS 5.4 X86_64 ——————————————————- Please Install the bind packages ——————————————————- [root@ns1 ~]# yum install bind bind-utils bind-* Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * addons: * extras: * updates: addons | 951 B 00:00 extras | 1.1 kB 00:00…
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