Unable to Access WP-Admin because .htaccess not readable by APACHE user in LAMP

.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

If you are unable to open yourwebportal.com/wp-admin portal please make sure you have corrected the permission of your files.

To check the permissions of directory

[root@Localhost]# ls -al
-r-x------. 1 apache apache 8331 Dec 1 22:53 export.php
 -r-x------. 1 apache apache 3348 Dec 7 02:37 freedoms.php
 -r--------. 1 root root 150 Apr 12 11:04 .htaccess

We can clearly see here the issue is not about permissions but the .htaccess file is not under ownership of  Apache user or Apache server, this can be happened if we create .htaccess file in our wp-admin folder under  /home/user/public_html/yourwordpressblog.com/wp-admin/. In this case we need to perform below action:

[[root@Localhost wp-admin]# chown apache:apache .htaccess
 [[root@Localhost wp-admin]# ls -al .htaccess
 -r--------. 1 apache apache 150 Apr 12 11:04 .htaccess
 [[root@Localhost wp-admin]#


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