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Urdu CBT Linux System Administration SQUID 1/15

This is an old CBT (created in 2006). It explains how you can configure squid cache service. Author: Muhammad Kamran Azeem Courtesy: http://wbitt.com

High Availability Linux Cluster for SQUID Proxy using DRBD and HeartBeat on CentOS /RHEL / Fedora by Babar Zahoor

High Availability Linux Cluster Setup using DRBD and Heart Beat on CentOS 5.x 6.x /RHEL 5.x 6.X/ Fedora #### This How To belongs to My video on High Availability Squid Cache using DRBD and HeartBeat #### OS CentOS 5.3 on both machines.redhat-logo1 We will setup for Transparent squid on High Availability Cluster. Packages are available…
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