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How to fix Prestashop 1.7 admin redirect to frontpage problem with nginx 1.10 and PHP-fpm 7

When we start customizing Prestashop 1.7  running on NGINX & PHP-FPM 7, common problem we see is admin page redirect to frontpage of Prestashop based store and we found ourselves in a problem where we can’t customize our store according to our needs. To fix this issue on we need to change configuration of nginx…
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Top 3 open source Python IDEs

Written by Jason Baker Python is everywhere. These days, it seems it powers everything from major websites to desktop utilities to enterprise software. Python has been used to write all, or parts of, popular software projects like dnf/yum, OpenStack, OpenShot, Blender, Calibre, and even the original BitTorrent client.

How to install Check_mk to monitor IT infrastructure — CentOS

Check_MK is an extension to the Nagios monitoring system that allows creating rule-based configuration using Python and offloading work from the Nagios core to make it scale better, allowing more systems to be monitored from a single Nagios server.

How to install & configure GITLAB CI/CD on your own Server — Ubuntu 16.04

GitLab is an online Git repository manager with a wiki, issue tracking, CI and CD. It is a great way to manage git repositories on a centralized server. GitLab gives you complete control over your repositories or projects and allows you to decide whether they are public or private for free.