How to install Check_mk to monitor IT infrastructure — CentOS

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How to install Check_mk to monitor IT infrastructure — CentOS

Check_MK is an extension to the Nagios monitoring system that allows creating rule-based configuration using Python and offloading work from the Nagios core to make it scale better, allowing more systems to be monitored from a single Nagios server.

Before going to start we need to ensure that;

  • We have configured IP as static IP Address


Now We are going to install check_mk using omd(Open Monitoring Distribution) on Centos 6.9 step by step.

Operating system requirements:

CentOS 6.9 Minimal

Installation Steps:

Step 1:
Downloading the repository file

rpm -Uvh ""

Step 2:
After Successfull Installation of repository run following command to update system.

yum update

Step 3:
After successfully updating the system search for omd package by using folloing command

yum search omd

The above command list all packages related to omd we will install following packages.

yum install omd omd-1.30.x86_64

Step 4:
After successful installation of omd packages will will move on to next step of setting up omd and creating new monitoring

execute following command respectively


Above command will show lots of flag related to omd setup process in which some of them will will use next.

Lets create new monitoring instance execute following command

omd create <Replace_with_your_instance>

The above command will create a new monitoring instance with name you have mentioned above and it’s all file are located under “/opt/omd/” directory
and omd will create a new user with name of newly created instance to administer omd.
Step 5:

After successfully creating new monitoring instance we can start omd instance with following command

omd start

we can check status of omd if it is running properly with all services of not by following command

omd status

Result Should be like this

Doing ‘status’ on site <name_of_instance>:
rrdcached: running
npcd: running
nagios: running
apache: running
crontab: running
Overall state: running
IF this is what your are looking at congratulations we are good to go . Now we can access web interface with following URL.


and click on Check_MK Multisite and configure your hosts and services and Start monitoring your infrastructure

**Configuration of hosts and services to be monitored on check_mk will be described in next tutorial. So stay tuned 🙂




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