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An exclusive interview of Mr. Babar Zahoor, an Open Source Evangelist and Founder Open source Foundation of Pakistan, at Whogothacked.

An Exclusive Interview with Babar Zahoor Founder Open source Foundation Pakistan – for who got hacked by Mansab Ali Chohadry, Founder Who Got hacked. Mr. Babar Zahoor is an Open Source Evangelist and  Founder Open source Foundation Pakistan, having a lot of experience in the field of  Open Source Technologies and Linux Operating Systems.

TeamViewer9 How to Install TeamViewer on RHEL6.x, CentOS6.x, Fedora20 and Suse13.

TeamViewer9 How to Install TeamViewer on RHEL6.x,  CentOS6.x, Fedora20 and Suse13. TeamViewer is an intuitive, fast and secure application for remote control and meetings. As an all-in-one solution, TeamViewer can be used to: Provide ad-hoc remote support to colleagues, friends or customers. Connect to the platforms such as Mac OS X and Linux.

Ntopng How to install Ntopng Network Traffic Monitoring Tool

Ntopng is a very useful network traffic monitoring system, its a monitoring tool with detailed graphs and  flows. Its interface having a number of view options of network traffic, including the top flow talkers, top hosts (Send/Receive) data, application protocols in use, top flow senders data live. Each and every node’s active flow can be…
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DHCP Server How to Install DHCP Server on CentOS

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This is a standardized network protocol and is used to automatically assign IP Address to computers on network. It is configured in a Client-Server Environment. DHCP server is the one that assigning IP Addresses to client computers on the network. Each client is assigned a unique IP Address.…
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NTop – How to Install Ntop Network Traffic Monitoring Tool in Linux by Qasim Mehmood

Ntop is a web-based Graphical, Network Traffic Monitoring Tool, NTop shows network usage on real time, a web browser can be used to manage and navigate through Ntop traffic information to better understand network status. Among other things, Ntop monitors, report hosts traffic and supports the following  protocols: TCP UDP ICMP SNMP (R)ARP IPX DLC Decnet HTTP…
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HTop – CPU, Memory & Process Monitoring Utility in Linux by Qasim Mehmood

Htop is a text-mode, interactive process viewer for Linux run via console/ssh, and to install htop on Linux is a pretty simple task. Among other things, htop allows you the following: Quickly view key performance statistics such as CPU(multi-core layout), Memory and Swap usage Details. Scroll the process list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and complete…
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