Day: June 14, 2014

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Openfiler 2.99.1 Single node Installation by Ahmad Adnan

Openfiler 2.99.1 Single node Installation with RAID iSCSI and Physical Volume Step by Step with Screenshots Compiled by: Ahmad Adnan Dated: June 14, 2014 OS:         Openfiler ESA, version 2.99.1 RAM:     512 HDD:      8GB

Oracle VM Virtual Box: Virual Machine Copying UUID Error

Problem: When trying to add two VirtualBox virtual machines which have been originally copied (via simple file copy) from the same source, on adding the second one get the message: Failed to open virtual machine […] Trying to open a VM config […] which has the same UUID as an existing virtual machine.

3 Nodes DRBD 8.3 Highly Available Cluster on CentOS / Fedora / RHEL Setup by Ahmad Adnan

3 Nodes DRBD 8.3 Setup by Ahmad Adnan Three-way replication via DRBD stacking. Complied by: Ahmad Adnan